Sandy Kitching

Sandy Kitching | equine photographer

A passion for Friesian horses in the English Lake District, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Holland & beyond...

A New Year full of exciting plans!

2017 started with fireworks and music at the annual Friesian Stallion Show in Holland. What a magnificent event and the best place to get close and personal with the stars of the show!

Back in The English Lake District spring has arrived with a host of golden daffodils.

I specialise in photographing equine subjects and, for the last few years, my favourite models have been the Friesian horses at Tracey Venter's Black Horses in Cartmel.

I am passionate about the breed with their long flowing black manes and their exquisite extravagant trot. It has been such a privilege to spend hundreds of hours photographing these magnificent black beauties in every changing season, from dawn until dusk. I have patiently got to know each of the horses' personalities and I never tire of photographing them at work, rest and play.

Bookings are already coming in thick and fast with people wanting me to photograph their very special Friesian Experiences, which can be booked through Tracey Venter, who is passionate about the breed and is committed to a Friesian breeding and training programme using only top class mare lines and approved KFPS Friesian stallions.

The special Friesian Experience days are aimed at people wanting to learn more about these fabulous horses and experienced and confident riders are given the opportunity to ride and/or drive a Friesian. For those just wanting to ride  the Friesians, Tracey and her team offer a wide variety of hacking across the Lakeland fells.

One of the most popular options is to head to Bardsea beach near Ulverston for something a bit faster - galloping across vast expanses of the sands of Morecambe Bay! 

If you book a Friesian Experience with Tracey, you can book me to come and take photographs of your special day (subject to availability).  I get such a thrill being out in the landscape or at the coast capturing Friesian poetry in motion.

Tracey and I also offer special Friesian photo shoots. You could wear your wedding dress again sitting on the stallion Droomwals, or riding one of the mares or geldings in the wild flower meadows at Cartmel.

Animals in action...

I don't just photograph Friesians. I can come and photograph you with your own horse, dog, cat or any other family pet!

Continually striving to capture new and exciting images, I am always in my element in the golden early morning light or just before dusk, when the air takes on russet hues.

Loving what I do helps to relax those people who are camera shy or self-conscious. Using natural light and taking time to have fun ensures that we will make special memories for you to treasure in beautifully mounted and framed Fine Art photographic prints, on canvases or in a special luxury photo book.

Peruse this website to see what I do and do not hesitate to get in touch with questions.

I will always love the infinitesimal gradations of the sun's golden rays falling on a Friesians velvet nose.

Sandy Kitching

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